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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Erotica in the garden

It was brought to my attention yesterday that the sculpting of my front court yard trees and shrubs has an R rating. Apparently the over 50 group is quite sensitive to shape and form even when it comes to trees. This I knew when Art was the topic of discussion but when it comes to foliage, I am somewhat surprised and yet bemused..... It seems my spruce look like Penises and my shrubs like a variety of sizes of breasts.....Is it me or is it them?


  1. Not sure, but that sounds hilarious. I would've totally told them to 'sue me' Did they ever contact the authorities?

    -Tony Salmeron
    Tree Trimmer Hendersonville

  2. Thank you Tony for visiting Madonnart Studio.....shrubs and trees remain sculpted and no Legal action is in the far safe.....


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