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Sunday, May 25, 2008

What happened to the 17th

I just realized today that my last day of recollection was the 15th of May. MORGAN, you have the most lethal set of germs on the planet. While you are blissfully riding that street racer bike of yours the rest of us are in sleep clinics, allergists offices and are on a first name basis with the Tylenol Cold and Flu Hot line people. Still can't see a movie....the coughing, or bead...the bronchial spasms, play cards, the constant need to blow or enjoy the odd bit of affection from the man....the instant either of us touch each other we start to either sweat profusely and or cough until unconscious. If I have not posted within 1 week please notify my NOK....Betangible...oops she is also under the weather.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Nothing feels as good as your own bed especially if your sick. Surrounded by a cup of mint tea, kleenex, Tylenol Cold and Flu and a puppy who has a taste for Fishermans friend, I am as comphy as as a person who can't breath, has a roaring headache and hasn't swallowed since Tuesday can be. Dwayne will be exstatic his MIL is NOT there when he arrives home tonite from Fort Mac. Whole new set of complaints today as it is 31 C. Cranky , a bit I think especially after the man I live with informed me AFTER I had my hair done that the 5 week color I now bear makes me look that another word for thin???

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