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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Special is always there waiting to be acknowledged.

All our friends bring something special to the table and I am not talking casserole, dear reader. Often because I am in my own little dream world, I cannot recognize it until it is right in front of me sitting on my chest and shouting Madonnart!, Well maybe not Madonnart but you get my point. Friends who I have moved away from, friends who have moved away from us have given me reflect upon my good fortune.Honestly Peeps between you and me, My track record at nurturing relationships has not been stellar.I am so greatfull for the open arms and generosity that surfaces at the darndest times. You see what I had not been aware of was the fact that friends do not always take what you offer. They take what they need and it is not until much later I clue in on what was taken was more valuable than what was given. I know these large gatherings make me sentimental and reflective, plus it's fall and I have a 45 year milestone of my greatest relationship a week away....I'm so greatfull  and blessed in all my relationships. They have been my wisest teacher.....Do I hear an Amen?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Suppers

It's time......I felt it in the breeze. It whispered to together the friends of summer, friends about to travel south in a few weeks. Call them to come bearing the gift of Potluck. For the menfolk it means................right, no preparation needed. The prep work falls onto the broad and resigned shoulders of usually the woman. As Hostess I must prepare the menu, prepare the venue, assemble the food stuffs, prepare said stuff,organize the beverage center, assemble the dish and glassware, arrange seating, prepare floral arrangements, maintain yard work, decorate entrance, and bath the puppy. Then comes the people serving, the food serving and then the tear down and cleanup.....Makes you really want to do it and I do, It was just so much less painful 10 years ago but today and now it is still worth the work.....just to see the happy face on the Man as he does his part and opens the wine,

Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn Haiku

Empty Summer chair
Cold abandoned golden sand
Me sitting, waiting.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ponderings on the beach

Who cannot be affected by the beauty of this fall. I look out and see it all around me. The water is so blue and sparkling it hurts my eyes. Stepping into it is the real is warm like a tepid bath and clean without the constant churning of hundreds of motor boats. The beach is deserted and so quiet you can hear the sounds of the birds and rustle of leaves in the breeze. It smells like fall. Sweet from the deeply purple grapes and yet slightly smokey as orchardests burn off old growth. This is a marvelous time of the year here and as I sit and feel it all surround me I can't not thank the Universe for it's gifts of this season. Majestic, amazing, breathtaking.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Easel is up...

Part  of the epic clean of the past 5 days has been gathering, cleaning, selecting and meditating as I ready myself to paint. I have never been that kind of artist that can paint in a cluttered, messy space. I am beginning to really  believe that MY brain and it's ability to perform truly is a reflection of my personal space and both must be open and not crammed with stuff in order to allow creativity in. I am ready and once this epic summer winds down and I am no longer called to my beach , I will begin and even though the process can be painfull and frustrating it process and how I get to the end result.....the finished work.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Please highway God....

I have had the best 5 days. The Dude is on a health junket and I and Satans Little Helper are able to do the fall cleanup without supervision or explanation. Those messy move everything into the middle of the room kind of cleanups that leave you dripping in sweat with only enough energy at days end to shower, take pain meds and fall into bed. I need 2 more days to complete the list....please God...a road closure, car trouble or really interesting Health Gurus to listen to could grant me this wish....please

Friday, September 14, 2012

The gift

Yesterday while outside for a peeps with Satans Little  Helper (SLH) a Busy Bee van pulled up next to me. A lovely smiling man popped out and handed me a parcel, saying..."This is from the big boss man. You must be special. Well. Yes I am, I replied, playing along. I immediately sat on the bench and tore open the parcel (I love presents) and found inside the most fantastic thing, a robotic vacuum. OMG this is wonderfull not only will this be highly usefull, I just knew it's true value would be in the hours of entertainment we would receive once SLH came upon it moving through the house. I am so tempted to make a Margarita, turn it on and turn off the lights and watch the show.Thankyou my dear friend and SIL. This could only have come from you. You are my true gift but this is super cool too....Dula!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Space is always there

This week I am in totally my own space. Selfish M come on down. This is your time to go a little more self absorbed than usual. In my world that means a cleaning frenzy and then sitting back to enjoy the view of no clutter, no compost pails and water jugs and .....this is own frig  and counter space. First on my list is organizing the winter closet.......get ready. Get set....GO! Oh that the sun? 29 today? Ahhhhh,where did I put my bathing suit?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thoughts after the Man pack

Seriously :
Navy blue and brown are not "matching".
It might look OK on the hanger but if you haven't worn it for 6 years ,try it on.
The remove and toss method of clothing storage does not leave clothing wrinkle free.
Even clothes that have been washed and ironed, once tossed need re ironing.
The above causes premature violent actions from the Ironer.
Toss and scrunch system of packing can require a need to reiron....refer to above.
Watching the above process can cause frown lines, clenching and hyperventilation
Completing the pack creates a huge urge for bourbon whipped cream, cake and peaches.

Monday, September 10, 2012


It is becoming a seasonal occurrence summer, little rain, resort area of the west all combined with camping, gas storage for Quads, boats and BarBQ's leading sadly to my today's topic....Forest fires. Yesterday afternoon, we saw the first black  plumes of smoke over our beloved Peachland. The Valley Ventillation (wind) had started up about an hour before, relieving the heat of the afternoon but unknown to us pushing the fire towards the village. This morning over 2000 people are evacuated. Three homes, out buildings are destroyed and several of our heritage wineries beautiful grape vines lost to the fire. I worry about the safety of those people fighting the fire to protect people, homes and animals living in the  many small farms and ranches in this area. It is no longer a remote possibility here. Fire has threatened us four times in 6 years to the extent evacuation  preparation in our home was done. Woken at first light by the Water Bombers flying over the lake, picking up water, I flicked on the TV (clicker was still in my hand) to hear the progress report. Today was forecasted to be 29 C but when I checked the sky out side, a light rain was falling and the revised forecast was 18C....this will help....the safety of our fire Fighters and the dryness of the forest. Still on Alert, watching the sky, listening to Castenet.........

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Beginnings and endings...which is it?

Sitting in the sunshine this morning, watching the lake sparkle, the smell and sign of fall is all around me. I can get quite melancholy this time of year. It is a mixture of nostalgia and morning I think that causes it. I love the colors and smells of summer and fall so much. these are  the seasons that mark the most joyfull celebrations of my life. Births, marriage, graduations the most momentous family occasions have happened in these months. Smiles at memories, tears for the same reason fill me as I sit in the sun. Note to the Universe not to toy with me at this time of year......I'm fragile.

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