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Friday, March 30, 2012


Puppy update.....gained 2 ounces over last 2 weeks, ate 4 chicken necks, yum, barked at a moose on TV, went for a car ride and walk and.....TUMDATADA...humped her Love Monkey....high 5 's. all around....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mistake....big mistake

So....yesterday I offered myself upon the Altar that is my Kid Doc's Ortho Clinic.He is unable to do much surgery these days as the Anesthetists are out on Job Action but the creative thinker that he is has come up with a few game plays of his own. Ordering in a palate of local anesthetic should have gotten a few of us not affected by early onset senility pause to think....sorry I'm not one of you, remember I am already on the Altar. Thank God I'm not the lady who presented with a screw loose. She was settled into the only bed with a door that closed....even I could have guessed that was a big red flag. Today, making my way to swimming, ice packs in place, special pills taken with an extra shot espresso (I'm driving), I alerted my swimming partner she would be required to assist me out of the car....yes I was one of the surgeries of the ^%$#@#$ Ortho Clinic. Note to self...Never challenge your surgeon to think creatively in his quest to reduce his long wait will feel his pain.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ready..get set..GO

I cannot resist the urge any longer. Bright sunshine, warm breeze, crystal blue lake and a parade of eager but misunderstood golfers, pulled me to the Lanai area off the dinning room. With bucket of water and mop in hand I readied the summer space. As of this morning first coffee, book and breakie of the season was had in blissful solitude.Today, I hope to do the same to the cocktail/Martguerita deck off the bedroom. In fact I see coconut rums and nachos in my 4 pm is good.

Friday, March 23, 2012


As I venture into my day this morning, I hesitate slightly as there is some concern since last night of my capability. First indication was the questioning of my dinner companions....what is 100-7, repeat these 3 words after me??? Yearly, elected the most SANE member of my family, I tried not to be concerned at the anxiety displayed by those around me. Loosing my purse (receptacle of all that is needed for all), then the leash for the pup that will live forever and the ultimate definer of my dwindling competence....the loss of my last chocolate bar. LAST being the indicator here of approaching senility and has joint account holders quite nervous. As all who know me are aware, I am a finisher and will press on and as I go out to the garage to get into my little red car??????????????????

Monday, March 19, 2012

The day that humbled

I got started Friday, I admit somewhat cocky. Showered without ruining my hairdo from Thursdays coif appointment and found every clothing item I had chosen in my head while falling to sleep the night before.Dula generously peed quickly. The Dude grunted good by and the bathing suit bag was ready to go.Coffee and snack at Tim's was, "pay it forward"...thanks cute guy in black truck and bright sunshine had construction traffic moving getting me to the pool in 10 minutes.I worked hard in the pool, dried off and reached for my underwear....???? Then my top.....???? then my socks.....???? Yes, I was going to have to leave completely commando...pants and V neck cardigan....remember sunny day, no jacket needed. I did a quick stop at Marks to make a return and was advised by the clerk my sweater was on inside out. Before she efficiently helped me fix it, I had left the scene.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bracelets R U in?

Those that know my story realize that an undertaking involving, folds, knots,multiple numbered strands and more than one direction spells DANGER. That, Dear Reader pretty much sums up my current project....knotted bracelets on fine silk cord....sounds simple, I know but that is you, a macrame savant. I am knot challenged but I started it and as my reputation testifies, I am a finisher.The longer I keep at this project the more it is growing on me. Tell me in all honesty.....What's your take on the finished project?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Strange Addiction

My name is Madonnart and I am addicted to Swamp People.I have no excuses to offer in my defense, only the irrational belief that these energetic, toothless, bearded, sweating men rival Fashion Police as the funniest TV on tap. I pause briefly at the train wreck known as Jersey Shore, watch Koko and Ice for a second then return back to watch the bad ass Guist brothers, Trapper Joe and my fav, Troy the Gator dog. When the plethora of TV Reality Shows has let you down give these peeps a try. They never disappoint.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

One Step Closer

"Hurry up", in our house means Dula needs to go outside for a bathroom break. the last 2 months have been challenging for her to do even the most basic of tasks. Going outside required an attentive and nimble escort, enough light that planes were beginning to circle the house and of course the ever present leash and for 2 weeks 2 to be ready to catch her if she had a seizure and the other to carry her IV bags. Today was a Banner Day....dancing was done, treats for the shining star passed around and pictures taken. Today....Dula dug a hole and buried a chicken neck......I know.....amazing!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Post Office Day

Want to drop a good piece of cash in a second and leave with absolutely nothing in hand......go to the Post Office. Today I mailed 1 express post bubble pac envelope to Quebec, 2 birthday cards with Tim's Cards to the Brothas,1 Priority Post envelope to the Mini Me at Richfield Road and if I can figure out the last bit of this piece of jewlery, an envelope to the sweet girl known as Sierrrra.Want to play Post Office like me?

Friday, March 02, 2012

"NEW" idea

A New idea has happened in the desert wasteland that is the left side of my brain. At first I was frightened....then amazed...and now ecstatic that a creative blast has occurred. What can it mean?? The vision is a bracelet. Simple knotted thing with leather or hemp and a cool and/or pretty focal piece. I see me wearing 3 0r 4 together. I will test drive them on Sarah first.. Hey!!!! it's an idea, people....a beginning.Yey me!!!

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