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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Dancing CV

Yes, Dear Reader I have quite the Ballroom Dancing past as proven recently at one barely remembered New Years Eve. Strangers possibly will not remember who they partnered but I bet FOR SURE they have pics of a Rockin One Armed Lady doing YMCA . My point is I definitely have the credentials to be a Dancing With The Stars judge. Many (Laurie) have been justifiably impressed with my expertise in critiquing the dancers and skillfully picking the seasons winner. Simple rules preside regarding making a bet... selection must be made prior to the second elimination episode. My choice...that Clelsie Kane chick and Mark Ballas...anyone else want to play?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love a good brunch

My happiest meal is breakfast.Combine it with a sleep in and make it an early lunch,OMG, can cause me to break in to palpations and a flush. Today all the planets aligned to present a brunch at the Grand Okanagan Resort, well known for its desert presentations. In the company of 10 friends celebrating someones ? birthday, I hippity hopped into the Grand Buffet starting, much to the surprize of 10, at the desert wing, the Creme Brule to be precise and worked my way north through the cheese cake, caramel lava cake, assorted creme puffs, skipped the fruit isle and ended with chocolate sauce and rum whipped cream. I shared the best part of two bottles of Cipes with some birthday ? person and fell shortly after into a deep coma like sleep. Hopefully I will be invited back next year......

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Long story

Where do I start...the week started out with a quick trip to Edmonton to assist the chosen child after a bit of surgery and ended with sending the next door neighbour to hospital with a stroke, a dear friend seriously injured in a fall and in hospital, a brother needing surgery at the same time as the girlie, and a beloved friends sudden death from an aneurysm. It included 4 hospitals,5 blizzards,and 1 funeral in a 5 day period. We left winter and people shovelling snow and arrived 10 hours later to summer and golf balls on the deck. The Dude and I are grumpy but the dognamedDula....OMG....20 hours riding in a moving sliding, skidding vehicle in less than 3 days...hasn't moved from her bed or her blanky..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Florence is on the job

I have scooted to Alberta to practice the science of Laying on hands....meaning provide medical,motherly and grandmotherly support to my sweet girl in her hour of need. Yes she is having a Grand Opening today or as her Annie Lennox look alike, teeny handed surgeon prefers it to be known as an OPERATION....I plan to cover the event pictorally so stand by for many photos of all the gore and fun. We have a lovely stress releaving custom in our family and that is to shout out your pain in as colorfull a language as you can muster.....good times.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Remembering my friend Carol

At this ripe old age, I credit myself with more knowledge and insight then I deserve to be credited with....but hey I always was generous when it came to me. What I know tonight that I did not know this morning is huge and is earth moving in it's message for you Dear Reader. In this momentary enlightened state I offer this ...Old friends last forever even if you do not keep in touch like you should. On their last day they are as they were in the good old days....good friends. The years of our youth and challenges we survived together have bound us tighter then Super Glue, and on their last day you realize you are still bound. The Lesson: Value your friendships especially those that have survived the big tests throughout the years,hold on tight to these people that have seen you at your saddest, your angriest, your most foolish and your happiest because at the the last day, they still love you, and still call you friend........

Monday, March 14, 2011


OMG...just sitting here with hot packs in place and coffee in hand about to leave for Physio. 2 left before I leave for Edmonton and then......the call. madame Diana, sadism queen of Physio is sick....Alleluia...Alleluia....All...lay...lou...ya...I am free and can go back to bed, go have coffee with my sweet Demi ...or...go shopping...hmmmm what to do, what to do....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bionic Woman flies for first time since transplant

Ok....I am a little anxious....first time through Airport security since Titanium acquisition. I now appear to be carrying a rifle as all my Titanium flows from shoulder to above my knee. Stay tuned....full coverage on the 6:00 news.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What's your Theme song?

Remember Allie McBeal and her theme song of the day? Well after a series of discussions around fruit, perfume,chocolate....I have found the need to have my themesong....Hell...To The No!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What I know

With a song in my heart and an ice pack on my shoulder I sat down in my fav hair stylist's chair. Now I have known Anna for 20+ years and she has skillfully taken me through the Bob, Reverse Bob,Pixie,Spiky Shag,and Asymmetrical cuts in brown, red, brown and red,damn close to blond and chestnut. Yesterdays cut and color have left me ....well uncertain if our relationship has shifted from client to family. My clear direction was a few natural looking lighter BROWN foils and 1/2 inch off all around was either not heard or dismissed, in the same manner, I often have seen dear Anna use on her mom. So $80.00 poorer,cranky and unhappy I am needing to fix this. L...a...u..r..i..e....!!!!

Monday, March 07, 2011


There are people through out my life, destined to show up at my least attractive moments..over...and...over. Take Kid Doctor: On my first visit we met in the office bathroom....I was ah....using the facility and he was needing to use said facility...forgot to lock door as I was the ONLY one in the office....whatever.... Next meeting with Kid Dr. was in hospital....I had waited and waited for the bathroom to vacate and hurried in to do my business and he arriving in a rush felt that was the best moment to knock on the door and throw it open to discusss my Donor pieces. Yesterday at my daily Day Care Physio...I was smack dab nose to nose with the most unpleasant person I had ever met. In fact leaving my beloved place of work was a joy because I was also leaving her.Putting bygones aside I went full forward with my best winning smile to greet her R ya....fancy meeting in Physio. She looked me in the eye and then efficiently ran over my foot with her wheelchair....and thats how I remember her. So..Why on earth would I say hello....why? Two words for you my dear readers.....Passive-Agressive....

Friday, March 04, 2011

Faithfull dog

I so love this dog of Brian and Vickies, The Happy Trappers,Hannah, represents dogs everywhere that have a love affair with their masters that just transnds alot of people love affairs in its simplicity and honesty. Our dog also has such a blind,crazy,irrational,love for her master...Organic Dude...

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

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