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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Red or purple? Fascinating

Oddly enough, I find myself in the hat trade, apparently an old family talent but not related to moi. Just for fun as are all things art for me, I made a dear cousin of the Dude's a Fascinator for her birthday. She belongs to that elite ladies club, known as the Red Hat Society. True to form I did not know what I was making, how to make it, nor what was trending in the RHS. Happily,I rifled through my eclectic selection of artsy stuff and did my thing. She liked/ loved, let's say was fascinated by my offering and requested 8 more. Big pause here for 4 surgerie,6 months of no movement,absolutely none, like a fucking statue period and home IV to slow me down. Back to the hat thing......8 to make, did not take pictures of the only one I ever made and now find myself in a pickle. More are wanted. I live in the Hawaii of western Canada, its summer so companies a comming. Hoping, nay committed to fulfilling all the RHS needs, I have set a deadline for August 31st. Call me a dreamer......DREAMER!

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Mojo and other magic

WhoRah, I have found my Mojo! It was here all along. It was I that was missing and not my love of Art as I had thought. It was sitting in the Studio waiting for me and was discovered in watercolor and paper. I always said I would only paint a babies story for my own grandbabes but was asked to do one for my Angel Sister- in-law,Rita for her first grand baby, Liliana. Rita has my heart and will be granted her every wish if it is in my power. "Liliana Comes Home",became my first large piece since my world changed 3 years ago. I spent long, happy hours painting Praying that the book would be finished for baby Lili on her first birthday. Many mistakes were made and corrected but I managed to finish in time for her big day. Strange how you start by helping someone and end up being the receiver of the favor. This is going to be a year of connecting, remembering, experimenting and just plain playing with paint. And that's where the magic cones in. Got my Mojo back, WhoRah!

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