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Monday, March 30, 2015


The skin care movement, now going into its 3rd week is still a pain in the ass. Does anybody really enjoy doing this twice a day or is it in the same category of emptying the dishwasher. Anyway, I'm trying to make it a habit. Today,I started another new,"taking care of me,"step. Today I ate breakfast and supper.My intention is to eat 2 reasonably nutritious meals a day. This is new because since October 3rd and the 5 months of treatment, I was unable to tolerate food. I remember begging the Blessed Virgin Mary for some similar problem in my early adult years to get out of the far end of the clothing racks, now I'm a regular at the Boost and Ensure aisle of Extra Foods.I have been basking in the one plus of being sick.....getting into my skinny jeans.Lets see how this plays out.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Taking care of me

My impulse is to change all that needs changing NOW! That proved to be a very unattainable, say it.....stupid goal. Which brings me to this last week where I came to my senses and decided it would be best to start slow and small. Now you are going to wonder ....but starting small to take care of myself began with skin care. I do not joke. This week I cleansed, moisturized and fed all areas covered by skin. I have done it for 8 days....seems like a month.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Student Of Life that's me

The question of "Where have you been", has been raised. Thankyou my one steadfast reader. Simply put, it appears, I was in need of some Rebooting. 6 months later and a story recounted way to many times to do again, I leave you with the condensed version. There was an infection, 5 surgeries,months of waiting around for IV antibiotics to kick in and now there is recovery. The external scars are apparent . It's The internal ones that bear witness to the steep learning curve that took place. lessons of patience, faith, acceptance and the biggest one of all gratitude for the unconditional love of my family and the presence of the undeserved help of very neglected friends...yes another lesson learned. I am in a reconstruction life changing mode.i have made many promices and now must step into the fire of where I have been afraid to walk. The Force is with me and I plan to go forth and prosper. I'm back......again.

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