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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yes, that was moi!

So if you haven't read the paper or seen Entertainment Tonight, you are hearing it first, from the Horses Mouth, so to speak. While treking through Home Sence,Home Outfitters, Michaels and Walmart this afternoon, Walmart being my last stop, a kind older lady stopped me to say there was a long thread hanging down my back. I took a look....a bit of a Lacirque move for me and saw all of the fringe off my blouse was missing. That is all of the flounce from a empire waist, yes all was gone below the boobs and she was the first kind soul to notice?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day gone wrong

Yes I have a flipping plan! Oops, are you here, so sorry, thought I was alone. The day started as planned, 8:30 having coffee, me eating very crisp bacon, me browsing through Canada's best all round store, Shoppers Drug Mart, then me having coffee. Where the plan went awry was returning home, where I was to hit the Studio and finish a painting. While I was away...2 whole hours, thinking the man and small black dog were safely home asleep a plan was afoot to purchase another car. We have 2 very functional cars, 1 pretty and 1 not. I of course drive the pretty one and have purchased, bag, cell phone to match the fire engine red color. He drives the one. So unless you have survived the process involving a major purchase by him, you have no vote in the following. First the telephone chat ensued.....45 min, then the drive to see the car....90 min...traffic on the bridge was a bitch. Then the meet and exchange of pleasantries, fluffing of chest feathers, measuring of...well lets not go there....50 min. Then first look through, chat, examination of possible dents, another chat, look through and finally test drive.....90 min. We are hopefully close to decision time. I and the dog need to go hurry up (pee), but no....more chat, look at papers, spare tire, nice mans Rolex and huge diamond ring....30 min.

Now decision time, drive to bank, drive to insurance office, paper work ensues, hands are shooked, shucked...whatever....45 min and we have another car? Not so fast. Nice man wants to take us out for supper. Have we paid too much or are we just the nicest young folks he has met today? Should I have stayed shopping? It is 7:30 pm and the day is done...and so am I and one little black dog says me too.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good To Know!

The best dadgum thing a studio can have is an unbiased walk through by non artsy folk. Why, you ask? Because...and especially if they are unencumbered by the niceties of manners and stuff, they will tell you what they see and feel in you're sacred space....and you, because your are cool and unattached to your art and sacred space will take it in the generous spirit it was intended. Hmmmm. Last early this morning (3:00 am), I sat, then paced, then frantically awash in a sea of sweat reshuffled stuff and.....they might have been right.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Laugh? How we Laughed.

Waved goodby to Lou and Diane this morning....I had such a good time ...oops they were supposed to have had the good time, right? Perfect guests, perfect weather and the souffle didn't fall....I am SO good. These lovely holidaying Calgarians announced their engagement/wedding while here....Love, Love is so , well lovely. They helped move furniture, Lou gave decorating advise, Diane drank wine and I just sweated out 2 litres of NaCl. It was 42 degrees and a 5 house hike down the street carrying 3 piece leather LR set, solid teak diningroom table 6 chairs, wall unit, china cabinet, desk, sofa table, and 2 leather Scandia recliners with stools. The Seller was less than charming but we were feeling the love and forgave him.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mi Casa Su Casa

Can't wait,expecting company any minute.Done all the Martha Stewart stuff....guestroom is aired out and now tastfully decorated, fan, fresh flowers, extra pillows, quilt for those chilly nites....hee, hee won't they get a shock. Today is a sunny 42C and not a leaf is moving. Hopefully they are beach people and will want to swim and stuff or do the wineries and will want me to tag along....yum

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Last of 23

Mama Mia, how did this happen? I have just this sad little collection of Amulet Bags left. All the others have been sold and now do I make more or do I move on? Firstly I can't remember how I made them and secondly I think it took 6 years of tedious work....those are seed beads ya know.I vote for doing something else but these guys are going in the display case just to show my grandchildren that Gram once had the eyes of an eagle, the nimble fingers of a monkey and the stamina of Jon and Kate (plus 8).

Saturday, July 12, 2008

13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Today is a sad day as a lady I refer to as the 14th Indigenous Grandmother passed away this morning. Her name was Nina and though she spoke with a strong Italian accent her message was always beautiful our spirits can be if we just accept each others contribution and love them for it. Nina essentially said that grandmothers are responsible to nurture the generations to come through unconditional love providing the light the next generation needs to make their way through an uncertain future. My days will be less enlightened with her passing. She will be missed. May she walk in beauty.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Black Canvas Challenge

Earlier this summer I was gifted a black 10 X 10 canvas by the Lost N Found Studio gang and told to go forth and create but return it to us sometime in August. It has had a front row seat in the Studio for 2 months. It has been spilled on, dropped repeatedly and covered twice in Dula slobber, she loves to lick it???? This week I decided to get it moving towards its return trip to Edmonton by playing with it and watercolor. Can you use watercolor on canvas? Let me tell you it can be done and it looks very cool. But I should let Laurie and Nadia be the judge. They are the divas of canvas.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


42 degrees Celsius yesterday and forecast is hotter today with thundershowers. Holy moly sun worshippers have you not had enough yet! This morning folks were sweating inside the air conditioned shops and there was not a preroasted chicken, ham, potato salad to be had anywhere, clearly no one is cooking tonite. Those laid back library people had slowed to a deep sleep and cranky cranky drive through staff at Tims were cranky. I decided not to return shorts I bought yesterday and went home to my air conditioned home to shave every hair off of one very hot hairy dog. Oh and its now 44degrees at 1:03 pm.

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