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Thursday, April 26, 2012


The second best part about visiting the old home town is connecting with good friends that hold the memories of a lot of history. I have not always been a good friend. I have been complacent and did not realize that friendship truly is a living being and must have attention in order to thrive. I have been taught to be a better friend by who else but a friend. Linda, thank goodness is a persistent lady and has learned then lived the friendship formula. This is what she has taught me.....write often. It dosn't need to be a novel. A few words, card, email....a few caring words can take a distance friendship to having coffee while reading the note. Call. The spoken word along with the thank you note has become a benchmark of a generation past. The exchange of the actual spoken word brings friends instantly back in time when confidences were shared, hugs were given and often tears and laughter shared. Make time to visit....this is the making memory part and also the part that procrastinators often loose. as your life quickly tumbles on the regrets I have are often those of not taking a moment....just a moment, to connect with a friend who on my next visit home wasno longer there.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More apologies

This blasted blog site has changed format for posting on my iPad. I can't edit or see posts past once saved or forgive all spelling and punctuation mistakes. It's probably my fat fingers, and or poor tech skills....working on it.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Time flies....

My apologies Dear Reader for my appalling Blogging record this week but life got in the way. I travelled. I visited.I am still in visit mode and have no real timeline for returning as yet. The sun is shinning; I am with people who love me and the Amazing grandson has returned to the fold. There will be birthdays,Mothers Day and Fathers Day to celebrate and friends and family to visit. Happy days spent with the sweet girl and children are ahead.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Truth or Dare

Choosing a movie is a process for me. I watch the trailers. I read the reviews. I talk to people waiting in the movie ticket lines and then I discuss the choices with the Movie Club. (like a book club with out the dyslexia.) last nights carefully selected, much tooted by our local movie reviewer was CABIN IN THE WOODS. Movie review with not much content, I might add as "so convoluted and clever that I fear I might give the surprise ending away."was as my companion observed a movie critic who is a 14 year old boy.The plot was catchy if you like Zombies,sacrificial virgins, and Demons of the Underworld....oh ya and lots of blood. Herein lies the purpose of this post....first, to save you money, second, to Give a heads up to 14 year old boys....this is your kind of movie....these are your people and there is a teeny flash of Frontal nakedness under and between all that blood and gore. The rest of you save your Money.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

it starts with a phone call

One excited family on Friday. I had a call from the Hip and Knee Optimizing Unit????WTH??????They have an appointment for me May 23rd at 8:50 AM. Now one of the excited family members thought date, another opportunity to put some miles on the fast red car. Another immediately started bringing in the plethora of bath aides stored in the garage. friends called, brother, concerned about his reservation at the B+B this summer,emailed..........deep breath people, we are talking health care delivery not Revenue Canada Audit. These .things move slower than me in the morning. It's just the consult the screening appointment prior to seeing THE MAN WHO WELDS THE SCALPEL... Optimistically I'm thinking 2013....spring....fall .....even xmas. Stand down eager beavers....stand down.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Here is my little Super Star now 10 pounds, freshly groomed and wearing her new harness. The intubation seems to have damaged her Trachea and she cannot wear her collar any longer.She is shiny, happy, playful puppy girl once again.

She invites us all to rub her tummy....go on rub away...

Monday, April 09, 2012

1000 faces of...

I just cannot stop myself from commenting on the timeless, never give up, chameleon like looks of Sandi Rinaldo. Sandi....the News Anchor chick with the hair that has changed more often than my mind about what to wear to the next Alumni Do. That hair once brunette then many shades of blond, straight, smooth,asymmetrical, bobbed,shagged blunt or the Jennifer Aniston....whatever. Every month a new style color with makeup to match. The woman is a flipping legend in the hair world And has direct link to the waters of youth. Sandi Rinaldo the Queen of Hair, my thought for the day.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Easter Ramblings

Easter ramblings not bablings is filling my thoughts the last week in light of my recent humbling this is what I know........Hitting the target does not matter that greatly. We are judged on things far more important .Some days I am the Statue and some days I am the bird.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I am in love

Today, driving home from swimming I happened on a sight that just told me ...pull over and enjoy the full spectacle.A very elderly man pushing a walker was in trouble. A wheel had come off and nearly up ended him into the street. The walker was on it's side and since it was easily the gentleman's weight , he could not get it righted. A kid maybe 15-16 years old, walking with 3 guy friends, ran across the street, lifted the walker back on to the street, put the wheel on and shook the gentleman's offered hand.Sweet smiles between the two of the them made me smile and want to rush into their moment with big hugs for both but I didn't....they were enough. Knowing my grandson has been one of the loveliest experiences of my life. I am the mother of girls and never experienced boy joy until he arrived into my hands the day he was born....yes I delivered him and he has given me years of high points since. He would of been right there helping the Elderly gentleman, chatting a streak, smiling wide and sweet and shaking his hand. Yes I am in love with the openness of boys this age, surprised no longer, just expectantly waiting for the next sighting.

Monday, April 02, 2012

The Secret

At the age I have amazingly achieved, one would think I am nearing the end of my learning curve....NOT! This week has given me a royal shakeup.Some people are just very slow learners, a category I fall into with emphasis on the extremely slow. Hearing has not been my challenge. The listening part is my challenge and where the work needs to be done.In my defence,I have kept a secret that I have guarded closely from EVERYONE. A secret that insisted to be acknowledged this weekend....and painfully was.Dear reader, if this post is beginning to wear thin ,leave and visit here , courtesy of Douce for the light relief a Monday and start of Easter Week commands.On a side note, Easter is my least favorite holiday, marking the Sunday that our youngest suddenly passed needless to say (still defending my bad behavior)I am a tad OFF.Sorry for loosing my focus....SECRET, secret..Fast backward glimpse to accident, brain injury,cerebral bleed, can't speak,(many said Thank you Jesus),can't read, count or walk without falling. Healing happened and all (or is it) is back to my normal.Except,the secret, I have kept from everyone; much like a new mom keeps scary street people from her younguns. You are going to stop and wonder WTH the fuss is about because simply put the secret is that I think, I am an incredibly gifted humorist, using edgy humor to the delight of all around me.This weekend I truly heard, when I listened that this was not so. It crushed me, broke me,rendered me immobile and migraine affected.Today is a new day, week, life and I on behalf of the management offer this blanket apology (a trademark of the women in my family). I regret and so apologize to anyone and everyone I have harmed with my sarcastic and often inappropriate attempt at humor, I was oblivious to your discomfort and pain and if I have spilled any family secrets to you other than this one please immediately forget them. Madonnart has left the stage.

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