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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Please be my guest at the Grand Opening of my New Winners Store. I have waited so long for this welcome addition to my meager shopping choices that I have lurked, taken uncercover pics and accosted workmen over the last months just to be sure my store was a reality.Now, just to convince them it should not be named after Charlie Sheen but after Madonnart.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Summary


Hard to belive school has started, beaches are empty, pears are ready,few friends are left in BnB reservations and Armstrong fair is next weekend. The summer has been fabulous especially wonderfull visitors and epic hot weather. I am brown, berift of creative culinary spectacles, in a Marguerita rehab program and tired of watering the plants. September brings a family reunion in High River and my Nurses Reunion in October and sadly the 20 pounds I hoped to remove throughout the summer is simply water under the dock. Hope your days of sun has been as much fun as mine.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

If Only....

Living the No Regrets, no ifs ands or buts point of view is becoming a pain in the ass. As my OA progression (chronic joint disease) has claimed yet another joint and my orthropedic surgery to do list lengthens, I am feeling the inkling of regret.In light of this moment I pass on these words of wisdom to you, Dear Reader:

Find out what you should weigh for your height and build and get down (or up) to that number as closely as possible. Being overweight can stress your bones and being underweight can damage the hormonal level in your body which can cause long term bone problems.

Move around. You don't have to become an Olympic athlete, but walk, bike, swim, play tennis, garden, dance, or just engage in some form of physical exertion on a consistent basis. Moving around can help make the muscles around your joints stronger and that will help prevent you from becoming just another rusty tin man (or woman) with painful osteoarthritis.

Treat your body gently when you're moving around. The impulsiveness of youth will take its toll on the body and dues will eventually become due, in the form of pain from osteoarthritis and a lessened quality of life. Drive carefully to avoid traffic accidents and chronic injuries. Use suggested safety equipment when engaging in work duties, sports or exercise.

Include good lubricants in your diet, an advantage the Tin Man didn't enjoy. Say no to omega 6 fats and yes to omega 3 fats. Consume one tablespoon olive oil every day and take two capsules of fish oil supplement and one capsule gamma linolenic acid (GLA) supplement with each meal.

Use caution with jobs or regular activities that require repetitive movements of the joints. Have your employer invest in safety equipment (or purchase them yourself) that stresses ergonomics and wear the items consistently.

Consider this PSA my gift to you. Yes I have regrets, don't you.

Monday, August 01, 2011

They draw and cook

This is the prettiest and coolist Blog ever. I love the ink wash and graphics. What a super idea for a family cookbook.

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