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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Past year a blur

It's been a year my dear ones, since we last sat together over a glass of red and a community Doobie and contemplated our life and the PATH. I survived the most traumatic turmoil since the spring of 1990 and find myself still walking without walking aides, driving not only myself but my King in the souped up 15 year old Handivan, and resuming a semi normal routine berift of friends, travel and debauchery. The family have exceeded all the usual expectations of supporting those in the family in crises and have returned time and time again in spite of my often bad behavior. I am blessed and surprisingly I am loved but without a doubt I am forever grateful.....and you know who you are. Welcome back to Madonnart Studio Blog, I missed you.

Friday, August 09, 2013

The wonder of them

Tonight I sat on the deck in the moonlight with the three of them. My precious girl surrounded by her greatest gift, her children. Tomorrow they will return home, a 12 hour drive through the mountains, back to the little house and the lonely daddy. Tonight I sat on the deck in the moonlight with eyes wide open taking in their beauty, their love for family, their happiness and laughter but mostly their generosity in coming to visit the Grands. Tonight I sat on the deck in the moonlight thankful for what was given us but already missing them.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Mother and Daughter Day Out at Wild Kingdom

And so it came to pass that the mother and her girl resumed a time honored tradition known as "shopping". Lunch was had, coffee purchased and Best Sale Opportunity identified. Together, eyes brightly anticipatory, humming the shopping song they opened the frosted glass door to Wild Kingdom, boasting a 70 to 80 percent off all clothing in store. Mother selected items for her 40 ish baby to try on...... Beautiful Bustiers of satin and lace, corsettes with tight metal like ribs to cinch in the waist and showcase her double D's. sadly nothing really took her girls fancy. We left the store straight faced and seruous to the bone until we got outside, collapsing in laughter.....Good news, Uncle Jim we did find a pink something for Auntie Rita....

Monday, June 17, 2013


I have not yet reached the painting stage of my organized life.  The new crinkle, husband care, has taken over and until  that resolves or I can't move no art will happen. The earliest window is possibly September when a knee replacement will definitely slow me down enough to hold a brush. And so I dream of cerulean blue, painters gray, butter yellow, and an empty canvas......and my heart yearns and my spirit dims until then...

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A year of firsts

The way 2013 started should of said to me armor up Princess and grab a life raft because you're in for the ride of your life. As if loosing a child, sustaining a brain injury causing early retirement and watching the love of your life fight a life changing battle with cancer wasn't enough of a ride for one life. This year so far has provided me with more new experiences then a twenty year old college graduate on a walkabout the world. I realize that you single parents have being doing these things  with the ease of a contortionist turning a cartwheel, it is all new to me a senior in a conventional man on top marriage. To date the last 5 months have taught me to handle house maintenance, ie: install new thermostat, fix washer belt, turn on and regulate hot water tank and outside irrigation and adapt furniture height with a do it yourself book and tools. I have had to learn about house insurance, car insurance, glass insurance, completed both our tax forms and managed to get us both refunds and not pay H and R the usual $500.00 fee. I have muddled through Blue Cross Claims and sold horse equipment and a car. All this was done while recovering from a total shoulder replacement and providing all the care needs for a newly paralyzed very sick spouse. I have been a nurse, pharmacist, mechanic, plumber, carpenter, electrician, gardener, furniture mover and declutterer of more shit then anyone but immediate family can imagine. I am tired......I need a rest......and that is why I have planned a total knee replacement in September......simply for the R and is the best idea have. Does anyone else have something better to offer?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

New title Furniture Builder

Finally the Italian Leather  furniture is upstairs and the soon to be sold French Provincial down. New job is to build risers for the leather is pretty low and painfully low for us knee challenged folk. Off to Home Depot tomorrow to get advise and get to use power tools.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother Love


To say I miss you seems  so small because the unconditional love you gave me has never been given by any other. I really wish you were here now to guide me with your gentle wisdom. Missing you my mommy.