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Monday, October 29, 2007

A message from Laurie...

Background info on the B&E: Rita and I were blisfully surfing gem and bead stores on line, when I decided to check the Blog and saw that "someone" was posting a very critical mother bashing message sooooo....I started to delete and add and when the final post happened, I had won....not a surprise...then came the follow-up P/C and gales of hysterical laughter.....I love my girl, she so gets me.

And now the B&E.....

I feel I need to clarify a few things...and that meant I needed to use my Ninja like skills to break into my mothers blog.

Dear, wonderfull, quick witted ma forgets that people reading her words may not see the humor and love that she may have meant to infer. Sure I may have mentioned passing...that she has become mildly addled...but compared to moi, she is still an amazing artist and creative intellect.She has a difficult time dealing with the combination of too much speed and all those flashing red and blue she gets a little confused or yes..addled, and instead of going directly home...goes through a Starbucks or Dairy Queen drive through...

I believe the 200 or 300 people reading, might even believe I am not deserving such an angel. Hey..not fair..I am a giver!I pull up her underwear before she goes out in public...I come to rolling stops before I drop her off places...I even..get her plane tickets home when she comes to visit me!!

So you see...I love my mother.
so there...But I know for a fact she loves morer.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Listen To The Song of The Broken Hearted

I am living on a prayer most of the time; particularly since a certain bump on the head left me "addled". The loving term Laurie, aka Tangible uses to explain my "creative ways to others. To set the record straight let me state my philosophy of my use of the English language in.. well, English. I do not believe it is MY responsibility to use spell check. If my trademake style of prose offends, please use Tools, (yes I do know it exists) and correct. Perhaps you are one of "The Others",with the belief that those over a certain golden age should be seen and not heard or in Tangible and BFF's case NOT to both. Finally since the affore mentioned head injury, I do hear voices, music,and static as background noise to life and have decided to make it work for me and speak in the lyrics Of the god, Jon Bon Jovi when ever possible. This will be my one and only explanation for "my ways". I plan to hold on to what I've got...Its my life and I'm not going to live forever...I just want to live while I'm alive...ITS MY LIFE!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Get ready...Get set...GO

Let the fun begin. The beading center is ready.I bought Rita a new Ott mine, a new jump ring mine and a new ring pliers again like mine, except hers are pink or pink tinged to match her pink jogging suit....soooo important if you are my girl,Rita. She has her Pecan Carmel coffee cream, diet Gingerale and Root Beer{A&W) of course, Goodies, Bridge Mix, Cinnamon Toast cereal(she likes as a snack) and Salt and Vinegar potato chips. I believe she is good to go. My work here is done.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Auntie Ritas coming Monday

One sentence carries so much needed activity. My SIL is a legend not only in the higherend fashion establishments she frequents, (look for her picture hanging behind Customer Service Kiosks, sort of like Queen Liz in schools and Court Houses etc), but also in better restaurants, spas and airlines. To say I must "Rally The Troops" for her visit is S0 underestimating the true story behind Auntie Rita preparations.Today, I started magic clothing every surface high or low in the house....she is THE Spokesperson for Magic Cloth, perhaps you have seen her pefectly coiffed and assesorized in Zellers doing demos...NOT...She woulnd't be seen dead in Zellers. Later I will quickly, go through my suitable Auntie Rita ensembles looking for anything included in the 3 C's of Rita dressing'ordination, color and currentness of trends excluding the 3S's of Rita What Not To Wear...shapeless as in STRETCHED out of shape, small as in no longer covering boobs and belly parts and Style rejects from any era. Thank God I have converted her into a Beader and made her my jewlery slave for Madonnart Studio, Jewlery Division. She has on numerous occassions saved my life when my Precious daughter, Laurie aka Tangible has been preoccupied with her art, her numerous friends, her shopping, her endless courses and her husband, children and dog. I love Auntie Rita, she is the wind beneath....yadda, yadda, yadda.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

No excuse now

The last 3 days was spent looking for my watercolor blocks packed in boxes,in a room full of mislabeled boxes. The move to the downsized home was in July. I live in Kelowna and the challenge of moving in 44 degree heat I'm sure caused a lot of the mislabelling fiasco. Non the less, I have found the watercolor paper, the towels, the coffee grinder but still not the cheese grater nor Christmas card book. The snow ball affect took over once the watercolor paper was found as now it needed a place to settle. I forgot to add that I bought the paper in an intensly creative, read psychotic phase of my life 17 years ago. I bought ALL the paper a small art/sign store were liqidating during a bankrupcy sale and hired a small Uhaul to truck it to my house: and like the Serpa I am, packed it up 45 stairs to my Studio. Today unable to move my shoulders, right hand, right hip or left ankle, I sit gazing at the newly organized studio space, all caused by that same watercolor paper. Tomorrow I will look for where I put it and paint.... no excuse now.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The gift

There across the room stood the blond, muscular Adonis I have adored for all these years. Still the beautifull body, the agile intellect, the romantic soul I married many years ago. Come here, he said, in his deep manly voice; his piercing blue eyes promicing me an ecstacy I have only fantasized about.With barely a flick of his powerfull deep veined forearm he thrust toward me the beautifully wrapped box. He breathed in deeply, closing his eyes, emotionally overwhelmed, unable to speak the words of adoration caught in his throat. Words were not needed. Was it but a dream, I wondered wistfully, drifting off to sleep. I choose to think not. Now thats how to give an anniversary gift.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Thank goodness

Thank goodness, I finished this piece and can send it off to the client. Sometimes you hit a wall when it comes to doing art to someone elses vision. They start with the concept of painting something meaningfull to celebrate past work and moving on to new. Then they add on a caligraphed word message but don't have a message prepared so they ask you to please make up the message and now they wish to have individual cards printed with said picture and message for 50 people. OIHE! So today I am giving thanks 2 fold for all my blessings and they are considerable, {my nick name is Moana for a reason} what Marg wants Marg usually gets and for this painting Sunset Inuckshuk finally leaving home. Peace Out and Happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday October 5

Yesterday I woke thinking the golf course had changed the driving range to the wall behind my bed. Moving to the front door was agony and the pounding was not going away but the little black dog known as Satans Spawn had to do her "hurry-up" and the man with whom I used to share a bed was snoring peacefully clutching his pillow in god knows what fantasy,oblivious to her whines. In- out seemed like hours, finally the little twirp returned. Happy, happy showing me all of her " give me treat tricks."..... I by now my head was down the nearest loo, my stomach along with it. Now I am known to create riots of fear with the sound affects from my upchucking,even waking the comatose. I appeared to have woken the man who with all the empathy the love of my life possesses, shut the bathroom door with him on the other side. This was the man I trusted my life too. The one person I chose to see my vulnerabilities. I would have trusted him to guide me on a railroad platform with my eyes closed. Trust him to prepare my dose of medications, turn the gas off after I fell asleep. What a wake-up call. I am so certain of his devotion to me, I am going to trust him not to post the mail containing the contract on his life I have just signed.No wait, I am going to share my contaminated spit with him and wait.

Monday, October 01, 2007

I Want to Make a Memory

Oh baby that band is a god! Jon Bon has always been the man but my appreciation for his bo///art has spoken to me in this new tune. So right on with why I try to paint, attempt jewlery design....just wanting to hold on to beauty and make a memory.

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