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Sunday, September 30, 2007

I love color

It is a rainy cool day in the valley. Misty, shades of grey and white but I sit quietly immersed in the color of my beads. I remember those days as a child painting under my bed; my colors needed to be vivid, pure to be seen amongst the dust and crumbs on the floor.Building this free form necklace of rich burgundy, dark teals, AB finished blacks is mesmerizing and fun. So like those under the bed days spent playing with color. A slight difference being all my fingers are covered in bandaids...damn I think I need better light.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Okay....Like I'm soo cool. Today, oblivious to my peer drivers ..I...Madonnart...drove the little red sports coup into the traffic fray of Bridge Hill and unscathed, returned the prized gem known as SWEETHEART to the not so spacious garage. No one senced the danger they were in as the brain injured,non driver for 5 years rubbed fenders {lyrically speaking} with her people. Now safe at home rewarded with a pecan mud slide and glass of white, said to peak the flavor of icecream, I am basking in the afternoon I am tooo cool.

I'm too cool

Monday, September 24, 2007

waving goodby

I have taken my personal cooking bible the Best of Bridge to its very limit and managed not to rush anyone to the hospital {thankyou Sarah} nor ressurect my dusty Hiemlick , though word is its no longer used {sorry Jim}. Everyone seemed not to spend exorbitant hours in the loo and the container of tums is still 1/3 full: so high fives all around. Everyone left under their own steam and without medication. I am on my way to bed for a congragulatory litre of wine and bag of Almond Roca....Peace out

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