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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The little black dog's seizures have decreased, the incision healed to the point of no longer hurting,water is being self actualized and with the assist of a squeeze bottle food is staying down if I remember to give her the Magnesium. BUT.....she is no longer the quirky little talker that pushed her way into our hearts. She is altered mentally. Possibly an infarct in her brain during one of the 20-30 grander than grand Grand Mal Seizures experienced in the 3 days immediately following her surgery or the effects of the Phenabarb. The part that breaks my heart is that my baby girl dosn't know me an longer. Her man, she clings to whether it is his voice, smell or touch and she looks for him continually. She is constant care as she no longer knows her environment of 5 years and cannot be left alone at this stage. I am confused as to what her future should be and how good her life is and I am burdened with wanting to do what is right for her. I want to give her more time to rally after this series of traumas and have a flicker of hope she will regain her spirit if possible bits of her silly personality. I will wait. What would you do?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Going all the way

It began at Christmas in Edmonton, car sick we think, vomiting and listlessness. It resolved once home but 1 week later more vomiting and no eating or drinking. A visit to the Vet, a Naturopathic Practitioner tried, Slippery Elm, for a gastritis, then a heavy metal cleanse for poison, 2 days of home IV to rehydrate, Barium Swallow to eliminate a foreign object blocking her stomach. Then we saw it....a small round object blocking the opening from her stomach to the small intestine.Surgery to remove the ...tada...pistashio in shell....went well and we brought the little thing home. Then the shit hit the fan...seizures every 1-2 hrs for 3 days...We visited the Vet 3 times during that time. Her labs were all within normal range, another mystery. Last ditch effort was Phenobarb last nite that totally knocked her for a loop. She would not wake up this morning and for the second time in this journey we thought she was dead.....but ....not so fast.....she stood, walked, drank, peed, pooped and even watched the geese from her favorite window. At this moment in this journey,I have decreased the Phenobarb,diluted the Toco and remembered to give her the Magnesium, to relax her stomach, before feeding her. She has been wanded tirelessly and walked around her house to orientate her confused brain and praying that we are helping her not hurting her as we wait for her amazing little body to heal 4...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

NO! She is NOT ...just a dog !

You always talk the big talk when you first get your little fur baby....foolish to spend hundreds of dollars on medical care....Won't prolong life if a costly chronic disease happens....hmmm but really this is a bunch of talk isn't it? When the illness happens it is a family member you are talking about, not just a dog. So you have hope that she can be treated and will return to her silly loving self....That is as far as I'm willing to think today.....

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dentist hate relationship

You know I'm desperate when I make the call to our dental tag team and request the fastest appointment possible. Pending Ortho surgery and dental problems makes me crazy with fear of horrible, painful, debilitating and complication causing dental infections,so I made the call and now must pay the piper...Which brings me to the question..Do we ever get over our childlike fear of going to the dentist? Do Dentists have a personality? Can they laugh? My answers are simply stated,No...NO..and ...NO. My life long experiences with dentists first hit a low point when I was 11, and our family dentist, a fellow church member, dropped the drill down my throat. My mother a staunch fellow church member supporter explained it away with "accidents happen" and "dear, you are so dramatic and yes you have another appointment tomorrow." Second brightest memory was the event of my first root canal. I was a mother of 2 by this time and mentioned to the Dr. I was not sure if I would prefer to have a baby or a root canal. He asked me to quickly make up my mind so he would know how to tilt the chair....Ha personality,check.The dentist tag team...husband and wife duo I now have seldom crack a smile or display any form of animation. Yesterday while discussing with his assistant my continuing fear of the dentist as she was settling me in the chair I mentioned I used meditation to cope with my anxiety. The solemn Doc overhearing our conversation added....Oh you do Transadental Medication....again ...Ha....ha...can they laugh,No,check.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The month of eech!

What is it about January/February that makes me want to start over with my near environment? There is nothing that is safe. I need to wash, polish, move, adjust and purge every little thing.Frustrating and anxiety causing for live ins that are happy leaving the plastic on furniture and lamps.I believe this is how Dula got her Mohawk last year.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Happy Birthday To Elvis

Think,Saddle Oxfords,cardigans turned around backwards,45's,sock hops,Zoot Zooters,duck tails, pedal pushers. I rode my bike daily to school, never had a lock for it and never had it stolen. I played in our street. Neighbors left their doors unlocked at night,Keys in cars. I remember playing hide-and-seek after dinner in the dusk and could peer into open screen doors and see what television shows neighbours were watching.

We were one of the first on our block to have a black and white TV. We watched the shows called The Avengers, Perry Mason, Ed Sullivan, Desi and Lucy, The Honeymooners and Bewitched. Featuring Guys like Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Charles Bronson, Robert Duvall, James Coburn, Bruce Lee, and Martin Sheen Diana Rigg, all viewed on the black and white tube.

Kids in my neighborhood did not have every desire satisfied with the flip of a cell phone or the logging on to the internet.A text message was what you scribbled on schoolbooks; a chat room was between Besties and in the sanctity of your bedroom. Blogs were the monsters in the closet, or the creatures trapped inside the screens of the 25 cent Saturday afternoon matinees. The lack of technological advancement never stopped us from having the times of our lives. Imagination was more valuable than anything, and I'd swap out a cell phone or a Wii for a fishing trip with my dad any old day of the week.

These are my memories when I think of Elvis and remember him today...his birthday.What are yours?

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

My name is madonnart and I am a Capricorn

Capricorns are hard working and as reliable, and dull as hell. They are always on the move, headed to their next delusion of grandeur. They are often good at math which explains why they are such pains in the ass. René Descartes was a great mathematician and a crappy philosopher, so he must have been a Capricorn. Most politicians are Capricorns, which is why our country is always in the hole. It is not surprising that politicians need so much security around them all the time. Capricorns are like a strange cross between a Leo and a Virgo. They think that this makes them both charismatic and logical. In reality, it means that they are tight-assed and nitpicky, and have to keep their egos in the backyard. In the event of nuclear war, only cockroaches and Capricorns would find a way to survive. The rest of us just don't want to live in a world like that. The nation's cockeyed system of toll roads was probably designed by a freakin' Capricorn. They learn how to screw the public over at an early age. Their parents buy them books of law for Christmas so they can underline the loopholes. Capricorns cannot even fathom, much less describe, philosophical concepts because they don't involve equations. (See comments about Descartes and Hawking above) Capricorns own lots of Filofaxes and other tools to organize the lives they do not have. They love to be seen talking on their cell phones. These phones are not actually turned on because Capricorns don't have any friends to call. Capricorns went out of style in 1989. They still believe that Trump was a visionary. Most of the people arrested for counterfeiting are Capricorns

Monday, January 02, 2012

Wait for it...

Yes, I do have a game plan for 2012. No, it has not yet begun. Yes, it is still happening just not until January 4. It's complicated.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

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