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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memories of the class of 2011

Beautiful start to the evening...mass and then diplomas.

Hmmm what are these for?

Our Grad beauty. She traded her golf ball for her diploma. I was so proud and teary.

Bad Form Urban Outfitters

I am a lover of and registered artist in Etsy, a marvelous assortment of private artists that display and market their products using the Etsy Site. It has always been a problem of others stealing our ideas and calling them theirs. An ethical issue that small businesses cannot challenge as much money is usually involved. Money, many home based art businesses generally can't front. Urban Outfitters has a bit of a rep in being one of those scoundrels.

Friday, May 27, 2011


As always, returning from Edm. puts me in a reflective mood. The frequent recurrence of funerals for healthier, younger, nicer friends than I,has brought me closer to those friends still alive and kicking and caused me to consider the following....Friendship has levels of commitment and will progress or decline depending on the level and sincerity of that commitment. Friendship has an ebb and flow. We involved do not give equally to the relationship at the same time. Friends make mistakes, say hurtful words, do ridiculous unbelievable things and if there is enough substance to the people involved in the friendship they can talk it out. It might take many talks to reclaim trust but if you have enough invested in terms of love, family and memories the friendship can be saved and many times grow far beyond what it was.There is often a more tenacious friend who will pick up the remains of the event or issue and will start the healing. Forgiveness plays an important part as does moving forward and not resurrecting the past. Not all friendships are that invested and worth the struggle to come to a point of resolution. It sadly sometimes means walking away but if you are fortunate as I have friends waited for me, forgiven me,handing me a Kleenex when I was crying and then laughing with me after.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My own little drama

We were almost home.Driving the last bit on the Connector, a red truck headed across the meridian towards us, landing in the ditch followed by a black truck now also deeply stuck in the meridian ditch. He was a Cop and was closely followed by 3 more Police cars, all jumping out to chase down the occupants of the red truck, a 20 something blond beauty and a 40 and I'm being kind here, sleazy looking man. The guy was hanging on to doors, bumpers whatever he could grab on any passing car. The girl ran towards our car and tried to open my was locked. Unfortunately the elderly couple behind us were not so lucky. They were pulled from the car and kicked in the head until the police caught the girl. Apparently the 2 had carjacked the truck on the highway. Eventually they were both caught.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


As I sit from my perch laden with ice packs listening to the RSVP telephone messages roll in, the Grad,s mother is coming to realize that the party of 20-25 has now grown to 60-65. The best part of the Grad bring your family Bar-b-cue on Friday nite just might be getting to know the community police unit.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

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