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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Waiting for inspiration

Totally wrong thinking...waiting for ideas before you paint. I remember now....ideas come from being amongst your stuff and simply playing with the canvas and paint...suddenly it happens. The color, the shape, the light, whatever hits your creative source leads you into the subject and you are immediately excited and encouraged...finally you're painting. ALL...LE...LU...IA....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My name is Madonnart and I am neatness challenged.

OH MAN!!!! I came down to the Studio this morning to a sight that totally validated all those nit picky rumors out there about my working style. Because I am in a painting mode at present, my perfect little work station reflects the creative frenzy; read manic confusion in which I am working. 4 cans of Club Soda in various stages of completion sat at scary angles on the pile of chocolate bar wrappers. Beads are scattered everywhere since that moment yesterday when I flung back my rolly chair in an attempt to high five myself after a particularly nice wash and toppled over 3 containers of beads. I decided...hmm, I kinda liked the way the light sparkled off of the beads on the floor so did not pick them up. This would be amusing I'm sure to those who have shown disdain for all that glitters and my love of it. Sadly,I had set my block down on a tube of E-6000, a remarkably super SUPER glue for beading and had to rip it up, removing the cover of the pad and the surface of the table....validation for all those classes I have taken where glue was involved and I sat alone at a table, and my classmates sat squished all around me. Today, I have taken the pledge of "clean work space". I will pick up, throw out, sort, wipe, put on lids, empty cans, and generally leave my desk at night ready for the next day. My name is Madonnart and I am neatness challenged.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Mortification: Noun: feeling of shame,humiliation,wounded pride.....

Yes....that was me Mortified beyond wordage. I stood in a beam of light, in front of a white wall about to walk 50 steps on a black floor while filmed with a video camera....then forced to examine said footage, commenting only upon my gait. NOT on the fact that my shorts (not my fashion choice by the way) were stuck up my butt....NOR that I was told to tuck my Tshirt inside my waistband, revealing a spectacular muffin top. The cellulite on my thighs was ripply like Lake Okanagan in a wind storm and for some inexplicable reason the veins on my ankles became somewhat iridescent in the high beam I was directed to walk in.....and....NO Laurie the pedicure and leg waxing was not acknowledged or appreciated!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Why every family needs a Lady

The first puppy did not enter my relationship until the 4 year mark. I thought this was the perfect time as it coincided with a move to the perfect home in the country and our perfect children were turning 3 and 1 years old. Her name became Lady as the children had just seen Lady and the Tramp and what else would you call a perfect blond Boarder Collie puppy? With wonder we watched this little Lady become our duckling herder, chicken wrangler, mouse control ,alarm system, entertainment center, mobile vacuum, effective yet hairy tissue and finally confident and therapist. We loved her through skunk episodes, Porcupine quillings, chicken cravings but a love completely forgiving and without logic. When she got hit by the school bus while waiting for the children's return home we all cried with aching grief already missing seeing her ride in front of the Skidoo or run down a hawk. Much later I realized her true gift was listening, loving and patiently standing close until we were OK.

Monday, June 13, 2011

New invites to my dance card

Ahhh, dear Physio Chick, you are no longer my number 1. This week, I am adding 4 new prospects to my daily dance card so start learning the shuffle baby.....

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Getting it in perspective

Ahhhh POOR POOR ME....that is where I have been stewing this last week after visiting Dr.. News relating to my quickly disintegrating skeletal system has driven me to advise the Dude to seek marital bliss elsewhere. His plan.. was marriage 3 months after my demise but the new news has filled me with compassion and the thought that he will be stuck with picking up after his little work horse is more than I can went to the bottom of my intestinal fortitude and advised him to cut lose now before it gets ugly. Then I talked to my brother who is waiting for a kidney transplant and goes to dialysis 3 times a week....and I gave myself a swat and a talk about being grateful for the life I have......and I am. So Dude...forget what I're stuck.

Saturday, June 04, 2011


I was adopted when 6 weeks old, bald until 2, toothless until 2 1/2 and needed sugar in some form of chocolate from age 5 and yet SHE continued to love me more and more and more. SHE being my mom, Peggy or as I loved to shout to the world PIGGY!! Mom looked like a movie star from the 30's. Red bow tie lip stick, hair in an up sweep, classy figure enhancing dresses that showed off her great legs and always wore a hat and gloves to the racetrack.She could of been an Interior Decorator. Our house always looked cutting edge and she did everything herself inside and out. I never heard or saw her argue with friends. She was the Peacemaker and her friends were with her to the finish...oh how she laughed, danced and played with her friends, always keeping in touch especially through those middle years where many suffered from some form of temporary insanity. She could make the best fired chicken and homemade fries. Her pumpkin pie was epic and she would drop everything when you arrived and fill you with love. She was my last call of the day. She was such a lady and so missed everyday but especially to day.Happy Birthday Piggy.

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