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Monday, July 16, 2012

Barber to the flora

I have discovered an alternative Worry Bead substitute that might possibly have some actual usefulness.Spring ,summer,fall and early winter in this neck of the woods is greenery bonanza. Plants,good and bad thrive in our tropical paradise, growing any where, anyway they want. Though I bow to their sense of survival  and the resourceful direction they take to get to a drip of anything liquid; I hugely detest hacking my way to the gate every time I want out. In light of the fact I have sorted and reorganized all that is within my realm of power this Greenery has become my new obsession during these long sleepless (21 remaining) nights prior to OP Day. The upside is I can clip and dig long into the wee hours disturbing no one..and... vacuuming at 3 AM was beginning to be a bone of contention between me and the Dude.....go figure???

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