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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dreams do come true

I am so humbly grateful to the Universe. Six months ago, I thought I was not going to live, then I thought I would loose my left leg or never be able to bend my knee. My reality was terrifying and I shut down.Thank God the family arrived....the strong, sensible, positive thinking women, I love completely. My amazing, generous Sister in law, Rita and the bright positive healing force of my daughter Laurie. They kept repeating to me. What you believe will actuallize. I was going to survive, get strong, be ambulatory and travel to vist the Grands in Edmonton. I leave May 7th.


  1. Thankyou friends and family for your prayers and love. The body is an amazing self righting mechanism that I give praise for daily.

  2. One year later on my way back to Edm for moms day and blessed


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