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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Easter thoughts

If your goal today is to dwell on the positive, best skip this post as once again the anniversary of my youngest daughters death has come around. This year marks 25 years since her sudden death on April 15th 1990, Easter Sunday. The pain has never lessened, just the method of handling it so it is not so obvious to others. This kind of event makes people uncomfortable. Yes ,I am so grateful for the 19 years, I was blessed to be her mother....still am her mother..."While I'm alive your mother I'll be". Remember Richard Scary and his beautiful little story. The years have brought me wonderful gifts; 47 years with my high school love, a closeness to my daughter, Laurie, she is my heart, my life, my sustaining joy, and the loves of her life her gentle husband and dear children. But.......I still get angry, sad, and lonely on April 15th, Easter Sunday in 1990 and ask Why? Why so young, why wasn't I there to save her, just Why God, Why?

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