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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Red or purple? Fascinating

Oddly enough, I find myself in the hat trade, apparently an old family talent but not related to moi. Just for fun as are all things art for me, I made a dear cousin of the Dude's a Fascinator for her birthday. She belongs to that elite ladies club, known as the Red Hat Society. True to form I did not know what I was making, how to make it, nor what was trending in the RHS. Happily,I rifled through my eclectic selection of artsy stuff and did my thing. She liked/ loved, let's say was fascinated by my offering and requested 8 more. Big pause here for 4 surgerie,6 months of no movement,absolutely none, like a fucking statue period and home IV to slow me down. Back to the hat thing......8 to make, did not take pictures of the only one I ever made and now find myself in a pickle. More are wanted. I live in the Hawaii of western Canada, its summer so companies a comming. Hoping, nay committed to fulfilling all the RHS needs, I have set a deadline for August 31st. Call me a dreamer......DREAMER!

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