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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Is it still Art?

My question to you Dear Readers is: if you are in a total brain and body fog and excitedly yet fearfully decide to paint, will the resulting random smudges be considered an artfull endeavor? In November, totally under the influence of prescribed 3X a day IV drugs, I thought I should paint. Resourceful being my middle name, I had for some random reason in late September,brought up from the studio my traveling Art Caddy. Three days later Staff and Septisemia entered my life and 5 months of sitting, laying and no weight bearing began. I was ridiculously happy when I saw my Madonnart Art Mobile, still covered in Rubber Poet Art stamps. I call the 37 postcard size watercolor paintings.....Madonnart's Shaky Period. I sent them to dear family and friends Christmas Cards, and as I had prayed they were recieved with positive acceptance. Pictures soon.

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