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Monday, March 30, 2015


The skin care movement, now going into its 3rd week is still a pain in the ass. Does anybody really enjoy doing this twice a day or is it in the same category of emptying the dishwasher. Anyway, I'm trying to make it a habit. Today,I started another new,"taking care of me,"step. Today I ate breakfast and supper.My intention is to eat 2 reasonably nutritious meals a day. This is new because since October 3rd and the 5 months of treatment, I was unable to tolerate food. I remember begging the Blessed Virgin Mary for some similar problem in my early adult years to get out of the far end of the clothing racks, now I'm a regular at the Boost and Ensure aisle of Extra Foods.I have been basking in the one plus of being sick.....getting into my skinny jeans.Lets see how this plays out.

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