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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why do you do it?

By 7 pm last night my knees had become my ankles and my shoulder was waist level. The day started at 6:30 am and seemed never ending. I started with a doctor visit and by my final thankful drive into the garage I had exercised in the pool, bought a birthday gift, returned a sweater, got groceries, had a clinic hospital appointment, returned library books, bought a card, washed the car, gassed up, did a Winners run and all accomplished without coffee, breakfast or lunch and it was only 1 PM. To continue once home with wrapping Xmas gifts for a surprise delivery to Alberta, Wrapped Birthday gifts, cleaned small deck, picked up doggy doo, made borscht, put a roast and potatoes in the oven, cleaned my honored guests bedroom, did a final sweep of the Studio, did 2 loads of laundry and finally at 6:30 PM called it a day with a cup of tea, ice pack, and a handful of pills. So donzo.

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