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Friday, October 19, 2012


Life is simply not fair when it comes to prep time needed (men vs women) for formal events. The annual anxiety inducing Gyro Installation  evening has arrived. The Dude reaches into the closet pulls out his Tux not touched since last year, gets a haircut and finds his dress shoes....done! I on the other hand gaze unimpressed at my classic black ensembles and sparkly tops and the anxiety builds. I detest formal dress and I cannot bring myself to put $$$ out on something I will wear once a year. It takes me several hours to try on, mix and match and finally choose my outfit which of course can all be scrapped an hour before we have to leave. Then I need to reassess available support wear, find suitable footwear another challenge for mobility unstable peeps like myself, get a hair color, defoliate visible areas, get a Manipedi and finally look for coordinating jewelry, evening bag large enough to include the  Dudes stuff and find a wrap, Are you still with me? Sometime around 4ish I start the preparations which include at his persistent begging to check the Dudes Tux and shirt which he has just decided to search for. This possibly might entail washing and ironing....not smiling. TOA is usually 6 PM and we need to leave by 5:30 PM. but before this can happen, dress shoes can't be found and camera as well as  Dudes array of necessary condiments placed into tiny evening bag (I remove my lady stuff). He of course is calm, not covered in a film of sweat and looks fabulous and I.......well that's always a crap shoot isn't it......

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