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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Christmas Family Dance

The best part of any new experience has always been the new relationships we build along the way. We were now country folk and so proud of it. Our fashion choices were jeans,western shirts,barn coats,cowboy boots,stetsons and our life revolved around school,work,family and friends.We welcomed our new extended family that helped  us keep tab on the movement of the kids on horses and bikes. The Party line calls reported when the kids passed Rose's, Gelly's Carol's or Linda's and were like jungle drums beating out the reassurance  my neighbors and friends were on kid watch. Christmas preparation introduced the wonderful country tradition of the Family Dance. Goodhope Community Hall became a magical place for the Littles. Christmas decorations ++++, Potluck offerings that I still dream about and the Coat Room where children depending on their ages gave up the fight to stay awake and fell asleep on the floor on a mattress of down filled coats.It was here I realized we had birthed two dancing fools. They grasped the Heal and Toe Polka, Shateche, and the Two Step as if born to dance and danced all night.Pictures of Coco dancing with Christopher and Laurie demanding to dance with her dad AGAIN makes me smile and remember it was the best of times.....

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