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Friday, September 14, 2012

The gift

Yesterday while outside for a peeps with Satans Little  Helper (SLH) a Busy Bee van pulled up next to me. A lovely smiling man popped out and handed me a parcel, saying..."This is from the big boss man. You must be special. Well. Yes I am, I replied, playing along. I immediately sat on the bench and tore open the parcel (I love presents) and found inside the most fantastic thing, a robotic vacuum. OMG this is wonderfull not only will this be highly usefull, I just knew it's true value would be in the hours of entertainment we would receive once SLH came upon it moving through the house. I am so tempted to make a Margarita, turn it on and turn off the lights and watch the show.Thankyou my dear friend and SIL. This could only have come from you. You are my true gift but this is super cool too....Dula!

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