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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Special is always there waiting to be acknowledged.

All our friends bring something special to the table and I am not talking casserole, dear reader. Often because I am in my own little dream world, I cannot recognize it until it is right in front of me sitting on my chest and shouting Madonnart!, Well maybe not Madonnart but you get my point. Friends who I have moved away from, friends who have moved away from us have given me reflect upon my good fortune.Honestly Peeps between you and me, My track record at nurturing relationships has not been stellar.I am so greatfull for the open arms and generosity that surfaces at the darndest times. You see what I had not been aware of was the fact that friends do not always take what you offer. They take what they need and it is not until much later I clue in on what was taken was more valuable than what was given. I know these large gatherings make me sentimental and reflective, plus it's fall and I have a 45 year milestone of my greatest relationship a week away....I'm so greatfull  and blessed in all my relationships. They have been my wisest teacher.....Do I hear an Amen?

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