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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Mother and Daughter Day Out at Wild Kingdom

And so it came to pass that the mother and her girl resumed a time honored tradition known as "shopping". Lunch was had, coffee purchased and Best Sale Opportunity identified. Together, eyes brightly anticipatory, humming the shopping song they opened the frosted glass door to Wild Kingdom, boasting a 70 to 80 percent off all clothing in store. Mother selected items for her 40 ish baby to try on...... Beautiful Bustiers of satin and lace, corsettes with tight metal like ribs to cinch in the waist and showcase her double D's. sadly nothing really took her girls fancy. We left the store straight faced and seruous to the bone until we got outside, collapsing in laughter.....Good news, Uncle Jim we did find a pink something for Auntie Rita....

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