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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A year of firsts

The way 2013 started should of said to me armor up Princess and grab a life raft because you're in for the ride of your life. As if loosing a child, sustaining a brain injury causing early retirement and watching the love of your life fight a life changing battle with cancer wasn't enough of a ride for one life. This year so far has provided me with more new experiences then a twenty year old college graduate on a walkabout the world. I realize that you single parents have being doing these things  with the ease of a contortionist turning a cartwheel, it is all new to me a senior in a conventional man on top marriage. To date the last 5 months have taught me to handle house maintenance, ie: install new thermostat, fix washer belt, turn on and regulate hot water tank and outside irrigation and adapt furniture height with a do it yourself book and tools. I have had to learn about house insurance, car insurance, glass insurance, completed both our tax forms and managed to get us both refunds and not pay H and R the usual $500.00 fee. I have muddled through Blue Cross Claims and sold horse equipment and a car. All this was done while recovering from a total shoulder replacement and providing all the care needs for a newly paralyzed very sick spouse. I have been a nurse, pharmacist, mechanic, plumber, carpenter, electrician, gardener, furniture mover and declutterer of more shit then anyone but immediate family can imagine. I am tired......I need a rest......and that is why I have planned a total knee replacement in September......simply for the R and is the best idea have. Does anyone else have something better to offer?

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