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Monday, November 19, 2012

And it came to pass....

As with all things misunderstood in my tiny world the solution to regain balance comes with spice, sugar, flour and eggs or in clear language....baking. The last week has been.....unsettling but profitable in the baking sense. The constant, unrelenting Migraines, nausea and insomnia brought on perhaps by the erratic barometric pressure has brought me to the oven over and over....Today let me introduce you to Caramel shortbread millionaire squares, sweet potato pie, (the one I ate yesterday over) and pumpkin loaf, pumpkin soup and pumpkin cheese cake. I pray this trend is NOT trending but ending as next week brings a close in depth, compassionate discussion about....Wheat Belly with Dr.I am here for you.....%$#@ still laughing. I SO kill me.

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